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BTA Drill Head

BTA Drill Head
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Product Code : DSC00399
Product Description
BTA Drill Head

The drilling head of BTA is equipped with multiple number of insertion points that come in handy for internal chip elimination purpose. It utilizes indexable inserts that have been procured from abroad. These indexable inserts are featured with layered coating on their exterior part. These utilize steel material with exceptional strength. This steel part has gone through hardening and tempering procedures that ensure its repeated usage without any positioning error. The back portion of outer cartridge consists of pad with vibration proof mechanism.

The guide pad of small shaped inserts is made of solid carbide material. As far as the guide part of big inserts is concerned, it has been fabricated by using two welded carbides installed on the same guide base. The guide pad is accurately positioned on the precisely designed plane for high speed drilling utilization purpose. It is acknowledged for its several attributes that include unique functional stability, convenient replacement technique and less loss, etc. It is capable of processing stainless steel, alloy steel and other types of high strength metals.